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Procedure to Deploy Online Plug-in

Below is the procedure for deployment of Online Plug-in for Saral PayPack.

  1. Obtain & ensure the availability of all Prerequisites from your System Administrator [or the Service Provider]
  2. Once the credentials to access the Web Space is received, Relyon trained team will be uploading all necessary files to run the application on the web from Relyon office. [Deployment will be done directly on the web server from Bangalore office.]
  3. A License Key will be provided for offline Saral PayPack to enable offline Saral PayPack to exchange the data with online one.
  4. Then Offline Saral PayPack user should upload the offline data to online plug-in.
  5. Once the data is successfully synchronized to Online Plug-in, Creation of Users, Admin, HR, Accounts, Management has to be done.
  6. Once the users are created, Employees has to be mapped to respective Team Leaders.
  7. In the next step, Access permissions has to be defined for various users.
  8. Now, the Emails has to be sent to the users communicating the login ID and Password, from the Plug-in itself.
  9. This completes the successful deployment of Online Plug-in for Saral PayPack.


Note that,

  1. Two hours of training will be provided "Online" to the customer from Bangalore office through Skype.
  2. Any enhancement of software features will be delivered as customized feature with extra cost.
Deployment Procedure
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