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Prerequisites to Deploy Online Plug-in

Below are the Prerequisites needed to deploy the Online Plug-in for Saral PayPack. User should make sure, these are available or provided by the System administrator [or the service provider].

Web space (Disk Space)* Minimum 200 MB for each company of 100 employees
Total Database Space Minimum 400 MB for each company of 100 employees
Band width per Month 5 MB Bandwidth Per Month Per Employee
Domain Hosted 1 domain with name is required to be given
Pop3 E-Mail Id 1 email id with at least 50MB Space
SMTP mail Server Pre Configured Mail Server with SMTP Authentication, (Microsoft Exchange Server Not Supported)
Scripting PHP 5.0 and above, Flash, XML, it should support
Database Data base with the name “Client Company” need to created by using MySQL 4.0 and above version
Other application Win Zip 7.0 and above
FTP account Username & Password of FTP account.
Operating System Windows / Linux

* Disk space will increase every month with new data/file addition. And in an estimate of 100 employee, it needs 120MB additonal space, every year.

Deployment Procedure
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